(www.talentguru.org) is a skills-based career development platform powered by data science that focuses on creating a sustainable job market for Singapore’s Infocomm Media (ICM) industry with the aim to address the challenges of a skills gap and talent shortage in the digital sector.

talentguru connects four core groups in the ICM industry:

  • Students are prepared to launch their careers with confidence by using data, insights and recommendations on jobs, skills and career pathways

  • ICM Professionals are able to stay competitive and relevant by acquiring new skills, widening professional networks and keeping abreast with emerging industry trends

  • Career switchers are empowered and motivated to re-skill and build new career paths and peaks in the ICM industry

  • Employers are able to hire the right candidates in a smarter way through a skills-based job matching platform, using objective assessments based on skills

Leveraging on Artificial Intelligence and big data, talentguru centres on four key components - Skills-based career, Certification, Mentorship and Community.

Skills-based career - allows users to identify the required skills for a job position and interpret a job fit score to see how their skills match with job requirements. They can then enrol into online courses to bridge their skills gap accordingly. Career pathway mapping also allows individuals to explore career possibilities.

Certification - comes into play once candidates complete an online test. Shortlisted candidates complete an online test on talentguru that assesses and validates their skills. This streamlines the recruitment process, allowing for a more holistic candidate selection as it takes into consideration existing skill sets, industry experience and academic qualifications.

Mentorship - SME mentors undergo mentorship workshops to improve the internship experience for students and help retain talent in the ICT industry. An inbuilt communication channel facilitates mentor and mentee communication and provides a link to industry members for guidance and learning.

Community- intends to build a closely-knit ICT community both online and offline through events such as career fairs, networking sessions, industry talks and IHL engagement.

Over the course of three years, talentguru aims to:

  • on-board 500 companies and 10,000 users

  • facilitate the placement of 3,000 ICM professional

  • train 300 mentors and facilitate placements for 1,000 interns


To register on talentguru, click here www.talentguru.org