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5/28/2020Budget #4 and The Start of the New NormalSUP2805201
5/27/2020Go Cloud for Digital TransformationSUP2705201
5/20/2020Legal considerations to adopt e-signatureSUP2005201
5/13/2020Providing Liquidity for SMEs in The Isolation EconomySUP1305201
5/6/2020ICE71 X SGTech | Live Webcast | Doing business with COVID-19SJS0605201
4/30/2020Webinar: Moving to e-Commerce in the Isolation EconomySUP3004201
4/29/2020Webinar: Cyber Security in the Isolation EconomySUP2904201
4/28/2020Webinar: Data Protection in the Isolation EconomySUP2804201
4/24/2020Hiring with the PCP for SAP ConsultantsTAL_200424
4/24/2020Webinar: Stay Healthy, Go Digital in the Isolation EconomySUP2404201
4/15/2020Webinar: Solutions Toolbox for SMEsSEC1504201
4/15/2020Webinar: Managing your Employees RemotelySUP1504201
4/14/2020Webinar: COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) ActSUP1404201
4/14/2020[Postponed] Asia IoT Business Platform Malaysia 2020MAP1404201
4/8/2020Webinar: Working from Home in The Isolation EconomySUP0804201
4/7/2020Singapore Data Centres Sustainability ChallengeCDC070420
4/7/2020Webinar: COVID-19 Budget #3 & Bill in The Isolation EconomySUP0704201
4/2/2020Growth in ASEAN: Opportunities for Tech EnterprisesINT2002201
3/27/2020SMEs Survival in the Isolation EconomySUP0270319
3/11/2020SGTech Pavilion @ BuildTech Asia 2020BTA051119
2/5/2020Expand in the UK with IoT Tribe & Enterprise SingaporeSUP0502201
1/23/2020GoCloud Industry Briefing & Cloud Appreciation SeriesCDC230120
12/11/2019GATES Vietnam ICT Business Channel Summit 2019PAE1112191
12/6/2019SMEs Go Digital ICM Vendor Briefing: 6 December 2019SGD061219
12/4/2019AI Call-to-Action Workshop 2019HUAWEI0412
11/29/2019SGTech Meet the Member SessionMTM201911
11/27/2019CEBIT ASEAN Thailand 2019MAP2711191
11/19/2019Smart City Expo World Congress 2019MAP1911191
11/18/2019Asia IoT Business Platform Vietnam 2019MAP1811191
11/10/2019Internationalisation: Smart City BarcelonaSMU1011191
11/8/2019JumpStart Ignite Building Your A-TeamSJS0810191
11/6/2019Cyber Security Indonesia (CSI) 2019MAP0611191