SGTech Proprietary

Frequently asked questions:


Who is SGTech?

SGTech is the new name of what was formerly known as SiTF or the Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation.

As the technology industry continues to evolve, SGTech will play an important role in developing and implementing initiatives that can help strengthen and grow digitalisation amongst businesses, the tech industry and the community at large.

SGTech aims to include and serve companies that are leveraging technology as core to serve their customers, for instance, financial institutions, and platform service providers. Such companies are building new digital platforms and investing in technology R&D accounting for an increasing number of tech professionals in Singapore.


How will SGTech be different from SiTF?

SiTF has long been a significant partner in promoting technology and innovation and has championed the transformation of the info-communications sector. Under SGTech, the association continues to ensure the industry remains at the forefront of developments.

While SiTF catered to the info-communications sector, SGTech is embracing a larger audience and expands its membership base to include organisations from various sectors that recognise technology as a core driver of their business.


Who are SGTech’s members?

SGTech’s members range from start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational corporations.

With advances in digital technologies leading to the emergence of new business models, SGTech has expanded the scope of its membership to include not only technology providers but also technology users who are using technology as core to serve their customers.

What is SGTech’s mission?

To sharpen and deepen our focus on 3 key value propositions for our members and to the community we serve:

  1. Empower Business 
    SGTech empowers and enables business growth, transformation and collaboration through platforms and forums that provide business outreach and market opportunities for its members.
  2. Advocate for Industry
    SGTech serves as an active voice for the Tech industry by actively and responsibly advocating for change, while remaining a trusted and respected partner of the government.
  3. Support Singapore
    SGTech contributes to tech industry growth and transformation through national programmes and initiatives that drive and enhance the Singaporean economy. 

What are the different programmes under SGTech?

There are four Chapters which allow SGTech to offer focused support and development to both strategic and innovative sectors in the tech industry. They include:

  • Cloud & Data Chapter
  • Cyber Security Chapter
  • Digital Transformation Chapter
  • Singapore Enterprise Chapter

Two new pro-tem committees are set up to cater to emerging industry needs:

  • AI &  High-Performance Computing

The AI & High-Performance Computing pro-tem committee helps users on adoptions, develop talents and create better awareness of AI.

  • Smart Nation

The Smart Nation pro-tem committee aims to engage the Smart Nation Digital Government Office (SNDGO) to focus on the “Built Environment” sector and encourage end-to-end localized solutions by integrating local and international offerings. 

Other programmes include:

  • Talent Capabilities Development

Under talent and capabilities development, talentguru, a career development portal is dedicated to helping students, fresh graduates and mid-career switchers to understand their skill gaps and their respective jobs’ career path. Talentguru uses AI and machine learning to help understand the skills sets needed for a said role and helps individuals map a career path forward.

  • Start-up 123 JumpStart

A start-up engagement programme to help the start-up community grow and succeed. 

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