The team at Octopus8 have many years of experience delivering successful software solutions. Their expertise is specifically in designing and implementing software solutions related to careers including internships, jobs, skills, further education and human resources.

Octopus8 started in 2018 after a brief chance meeting between the two founders, where both were working full time in senior roles and looking for a startup project based on their own experiences of trying to find trustworthy intern students, fresh graduates and
experienced employees. They shared the same vision and aimed to make a positive impact on the world by connecting people with their dream career using technology. One had the ideas, and the other had the know-how. After a few more meetings, the pair had come up with some initial designs and started working on a prototype. And as they say – the rest is history. 
Octopus8 aims to create beautiful career management software solutions by creating online communities by building bridges of trust between institutions, organisations and people.


Published Oct 2019