Members Get-together Topped with Exclusive Sharing by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)!

On 6 May 2019, SGTech held its regular Meet-the-Members (MTM) session which brought together more than 100 industry executives for an afternoon of sharing and networking. Mr. Saw Ken Wye, Chairman of SGTech, gave a warm welcome and prelude to the topics lined up.

[Mr. Saw Ken Wye, Chairman of SGTech]                                       [Mr. Dominic Ng, Manager (Trustmark), IMDA]        

First was a collective sharing on the Data Protection Trustmark Certification, related APEC Cross-Border Privacy Rules and Privacy Recognition for Processors (PRP) Systems by Mr. Dominic Ng, Manager (Trustmark), IMDA. Launched in January 2019 by Minister S Iswaran, the Data Protection Trustmark (DPTM) certification will be a visible indicator that an organisation adopts accountable and responsible data protection policies and practices. In a survey conducted last year, 2 in 3 consumers indicated that they would prefer to purchase from a DPTM-certified company, while 4 in 5 companies indicated that they would prefer to do business with DPTM-certified companies. Thus, with the growing importance and awareness of personal data protection among consumers and businesses, the DPTM would be a brand differentiator that allows an organisation to gain a distinct edge in the market and stand out from among their competitors. On the other hand, the CBPR and PRP are multi-lateral certification mechanisms consistent with the APEC Privacy Framework that will help build consumer, business and regulator trust in cross border flows of personal information.

[Mr. Yeo Zhihan, Head of Capability & Capacity Development, SGTech]

Second, Mr. Yeo Zhihan, Head of Capability & Capacity Development at SGTech, covered the available programmes under the TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA) Framework that enhances companies’ access to tech talent. SGTech co-chairs the TeSA ICT Sector Committee jointly with IMDA. Programmes include:
  1. Helping companies to build internal capabilities
  2. Talent reskilling and upskilling
  3. Developing future pipeline through student engagements
  4. Alternative talent sourcing
For more information, companies are welcome to reach out to SGTech at

[Mr. William Chong, Director of Workplace Analytics & IoT at Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) Digital Solutions APAC]

Third and the finale was a sharing by Mr. William Chong, Director of Workplace Analytics & IoT at Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) Digital Solutions APAC. In this new segment, we aim to uncover the trials and tribulations of user organisations in their digitalisation journeys. The audience were treated to an overview of JLL’s key achievements, challenges and evolution of the business to what it is today. We are extremely delighted to hear of the positive feedback for this new segment. Many thought it gave a refreshing touch to the MTM session and were happy to offer recommendations on future topics. We hope to bring more of such user stories to our members. The day ended with networking as everyone indulged in some good wine and refreshments. 

Once again, SGTech thanks all distinguished speakers, exhibitors namely Alliance Business SupportPRE:MIND and RHB Berhad, and guests for their time dedicated to this session!
Of course, not forgetting Cisco Systems (USA) for hosting the MTM session this time. We sure hope it was a great start to the week for everyone!  

Published May 2019