Firing up JumpStart Ignite!

On 6th March, 4 123JumpStart members participated in the pilot session of JumpStart Ignite. JumpStart Ignite is a brand new initiative of SGTech – 123JumpStart aimed to provide training and promote corporate competencies to the start-up community of SGTech through our members and industry partners. 

The pilot session was conducted by Ms. Julian Cheong of Mike Bosworth Leadership. Their mission is to help salespeople and leaders master ‘creating Trust & Emotional Connection’ in Customer Conversations, as a learnable, repeatable & measurable skillset. They leverage the power and science of Story building, telling and listening in designing the learning experience.

Participants had their self-introduction at the start of the workshop and briefly described their entrepreneurship journey and their company. The pilot session focused on sharing the map of story building for Entrepreneurs to trace out their 90 seconds verbal ‘Founder’s Story’. A well-told Founder’s Story has the power to pique investor’s interests and arouse the curiosity of potential customers for further discussions with the company. Participants gained insight on communicating effectively their business and founders’ experience through this small-group experiential workshop.

At the end of the session, Julian shared briefly on how these Story skills are applied to Pipeline Building, Sales Process, and Forecast.

"It was a great workshop yesterday and I have learned a lot from it. In the future, I will think and come up with an intention before starting a talk. I will work on an intentional message for my story!"
- Sherlyn, Sensorla

"This is a great workshop. I will use the skills learned from this workshop and the story-telling concept to pitch to my potential customers."  
- Andrew, Hub Asset Realty

We thank the following SGTech members for taking part in our pilot:

You may find Ms. Julian Cheong’s LinkedIn profile here.

We are thankful for the support from MikeBosworth Leadership.

Following up from this pilot, there will be more workshops coming from JumpStart Ignite for SGTech members! Do keep an eye out for our enewsletter and EDMs for latest updates!

If you are local tech start-up and keen to participate in such events, you may drop us a note at

Published Mar 2019