Meet The SGTech Secretariat - Mr Wilson Tan, Assistant Director, Industry Alliance

Continuing with our "Meet The SGTech Secretariat", we have with us this month Wilson, who is in charge of the Industry Alliance Team (IAT) of SGTech.

[Mr Wilson Tan, Assistant Director, Industry Alliance, with us for this month's' From the ED's Desk]

SGTech(SGT):  Hello Wilson, you are a familiar face to many of the SGTech members. Could you share a little about yourself, and also about the Industry Alliance Team?

Wilson Tan (WT)
: I’m now with SGTech for nearly 3 years. Previously I had worked in MNCs and took up various roles such as business planning, pricing, supply management and service delivery. At some point, I was considering a career change, and it dawned on me that I would really like to do something more meaningful; something that can create a positive impact on a community. It was timely that SiTF (predecessor of SGTech) had an opening then and I seized the opportunity! 

Industry Alliance Team (IAT) is the team drives membership and supports all activities initiated by the Executive Committees of various Chapters and Committees.  

SGT: We've new chapters in SGTech today like AI+HPC and Smart Nation, would there be any more in the pipeline? How do I form groups that I am interested in?

 Yes, AI+HPC and Smart Nation Chapters were newly established from September 2018. These new chapters offer new platforms for members with like-minded interest and focus, to come together to drive for the betterment of the respective sector. In fact, we have also recently set up a new Data Centre (DC) Committee, led by an Executive Committee consisting of recognised industry leaders! 

Chapters and committees are led by industry leaders and peers. The fruits borne out of those efforts and work are to benefit the members and the industry. 

We have identified Blockchain as the next technology to form a group. Our plan was validated by the recent SGTech Annual Business Survey 2018/2019, where blockchain gained 3 percentage points to move up one spot, in response to a question on technology adoption where companies invested more in the past year and will continue to invest more in the next 12 months. SGTech plans to form two committees, i.e. one on Blockchain and another on Payment. For companies who are interested in being part of these two new committees, please register your interest with us. We are also happy to take in suggestions on how SGTech can further enhance our relevance to the industry. 

SGT:  Here's a hot seat question: What does membership in SGTech really mean for my company?

I was asked a couple of time to express the value of SGTech membership in one minute. Not sure if I have quite got there and you can be my judge! 

In appreciation of members' support, SGTech strives to deliver value back in multi-fold! These can come across in the form of:
(1) addressing common industry challenges like manpower; 
(2) advocating as one industry voice to stakeholders of our ICM ecosystem;
(3) creating business opportunities through engagements with local and foreign delegations; 
(4) offering opportunities to showcase thought leadership at events; and 
(5) organising activities for members to connect and build relationships, either to forge new partnerships or to deepen existing ones. 

To extract the most value from the membership, I encourage members to be active in participating in our events and activities. Remember that the SGTech membership is a corporate membership. All employees of members are welcome to attend. 
I recall when I was in service delivery, I was exploring how to leverage technology to reduce error and be more efficient in what we were doing. Unfortunately, no one was able to advise me then. If the staff of our member companies acquire tech awareness by participating in SGTech events and seminars, that combustion of challenges and tech awareness will create amazing possibilities! 

SGT:   As a member of SGTech, what can I look forward to in 2019?
WT: As per SGTech Annual Business Survey 2018/2019, manpower constraints remain the number one challenge! This has not changed since the previous year's survey. It is unfortunate that the problem would not be resolved in the near future. Regardless, SGTech will continue to bring on relevant initiatives and programmes to help members in this aspect. To-date, our various manpower related efforts have secured up to $700,000 in grants and fundings. That equates to $700,000 of savings, on top of reaping the positive effects of the various programmes. And now, there are new programmes such as Flexibility for Growth and the Capability Transfer Programme. Happy to connect to share more.

2019 promises to be yet another eventful year for SGTech members. You will see more activities, more engagements and more opportunities. Keep a lookout for the EDMs and speak with us. Remember, the key is participation! See you soon!

Published Feb 2019