Who We Are
Founded in 2019, Taraph Technologies is a GreenTech startup motivated by a vision of eliminating all plastic waste by 2050. Using biodegradation as our core technology, the company aims to transform this aspect of waste management from cost unit to revenue unit by generating higher value end products for resale. This can be achieved by reverting plastic waste into its basic components using a proprietary bioprocessing workflow.

What Is The Problem
The world has declared war on plastic waste. With rapid urbanization in developing nations, the manufacture and use of plastics consumables is on the rise, yet with no comprehensive strategy for the management of these products once they are disposed. To stem the overwhelming tide of illegal export and ocean dumping of non-recyclables and recyclables waste, governments around the world are adopting bans on waste import as they struggle to manage their existing burdens. If we are to turn the world away from ecological disaster, we need to view our waste as a resource and extract as much value as we can.

How We Do It
Taraph Technologies proposes to address this pressing environmental issue by providing a complete solution to plastic pollution, using a designer biological enzymatic system operating within a controlled bioreactor environment. Plastic waste input would be degraded into component basic chemical building blocks, which are then recycled or further processed into eco-friendly by products, diverting the waste from landfills into an economically viable and environmentally conscious resolution
Website: https://taraphtechnologies.com/

Published Dec 2019