I.O.T. Workz is a one-stop-shop smart solution provider with the ability to customize integrated solutions targeted at delivering smart capabilities to enhance infrastructure, security, lifestyle and community. Smart Living provides convenience to home and office users for controlling of their day-to-day environment through centralized control and monitoring over mobile phone and voice assistance. Smart Infrastructure gives additional support to smart cities initiatives to smart parking, smart elevator and smart gantry solutions for commercial and national development. Smart Security access offers peace of mind coverage for access to premises with real-time monitoring and auditing. Smart Community shall integrate user needs and controls to all the above IoT solutions using a mobile app and voice-enabled control.

The Lifestyle IoT leader that offers IoT solutions with distinct abilities to (devices or buildings) which enable them to vary their states or actions to respond to varying situations and past experiences.

They are a multi-dimensional, multi-scene integrated IoT solutions provider with analytic capabilities covering intelligent lifestyle, namely living, offices, communities, hospitality, healthcare and education.

Website: https://iotworkz.sg/


Published Jul 2019