TeSA (Tech Skills Accelerator) Pilot Programme

About TeSA pilot programme

High-growth tech companies can expand their hiring pipeline by tapping on mature PMETs. This is a pilot programme to help PMETs adapt to the fast pace and dynamic tech environment and fit in start-up culture. 

  1. Host company
  2. a. Registered or incorporated in Singapore
    b. Offer projects to trainees for 3 to 6 months
    c. Commit to programme administrative requirements
  3. Trainees 
  4. a. Singapore Citizen or PR
    b. Above 40 years old
How companies can benefit
a. Expand hiring pipeline beyond conventional sources
b. Assess PMETs for hiring consideration when job vacancies become available subsequently
c. Hire job-ready PMETs once they complete the project
d. Funding support for trainee’s allowance on the programme
To participate
  1. Post your project role on TalentGuru with your requirements. 
    Note: Indicate your basic requirements/ skillsets.
  2. Email the job description link to talent@sgtech.org.sg .